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Elegant Solutions for Forward-Thinking Leaders

Elegant Solutions for Forward-Thinking Leaders


I work with forward-thinking business leaders who are poised for growth, but don’t have the clarity they need to scale effectively or create their desired impact.

I offer elegant solutions so they can stop worrying about the details and get back to the business of delivering best-in-class results.



Consulting Services Include:

Strategic Growth
Communications Strategy
Business Operations
Administrative Best Practices


Coaching Support Includes:

Business & Brand Clarity
Potential, Performance & Success
Creativity & Problem-Solving
Work-Life Balance


Creative Services Include:

Graphic Design
Web Design

To take advantage of the full suite of business services offered above, most of my clients work with me on a retainer basis, with fees beginning at $1500/month. Hourly rates and project-based fees also available upon request. 

Contact me to inquire about a customized offering for your business.


Monica's expertise is something every business leader should have on speed dial. I'm so much happier knowing I have her on call for when I need some fresh perspective and support.


Holly | Media Entrepreneur


Monica has a keen understanding of strategy, operations, and what makes a business successful. With 8+ years of corporate experience supporting the leaders of multi-million dollar companies as an Executive Assistant and trusted advisor, she offers polished, strategic and insightful counsel. Whether herding cats, influencing stakeholders, or problem-solving complex business issues, Monica brings poise and precision to the table. Especially when it comes to your bottom line.

Balancing this left-brained practicality is a creative eye and a knack for curated visual experiences. Trained as a visual artist, Monica attended a high school that was essentially a real-life version of “Fame.” With 4 years of study in fine arts, photography and design fuelling her love of beauty, she completed a BFA in Art History and a Master’s in Museum Studies, culminating in a 5 year stint at a major art gallery. In short, she’s no stranger to good design, and the subtle secrets that make art and beauty compelling. A skill that comes in handy when translating your corporate message into beautiful design.

Monica is also a Certified Transformative Coach who studied the fascinating psychology and richness of the human experience with renowned 3 Principles coach Michael Neill. Through this exploration, Monica knows that the most valuable asset of any business is the minds of its people, and she specializes in bringing an understanding of human potential and peak performance to the corporate world. A keen observer of the human mind, she’ll show you exactly how to leverage your resilience and creativity to create better results… in business and in life. 

She’s often spotted around Toronto in a tailored pencil skirt, crisp French cuffs, with flashes of pastel fuchsia streaked through her impeccably styled blonde hair.

Elegant and skilful… with a twist of the unexpected. Just the right combination for success. Including yours.



I’m currently working with a select number of clients (virtually & in-person). If you’re interested in being one of them, send me your details and I’ll be in touch to discuss your needs + my availability.